About NDMS

The National Disaster Medical System (NDMS) is a federally-coordinated system that augments the Nation's medical response capability. The overall purpose of the NDMS is to establish a single integrated National medical response capability for assisting state and local authorities in dealing with the medical impacts of major peacetime disasters and to provide support to the military and the Department of Veterans Affairs medical systems in caring for casualties evacuated back to the U.S. from overseas armed conventional conflicts.

NDMS is designed to provide three legs of medical response when activated: medical care within a disaster area in the form of teams (medical, veterinary, mortuary, and others), medical supplies and equipment; patient movement from a disaster site to unaffected areas of the nation; and definitive medical care at participating hospitals in unaffected areas.

NDMS is designed to care for victims of any incident that exceeds the medical care capability of an affected State or region, or the Federal healthcare system. It may be used in a variety of emergency events such as natural disasters, technological disasters, major transportation accidents, or acts of terrorism including weapons of mass destruction events.

To learn more visit the NDMS Website: National Disaster Medical System